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Cory Aronec
Cory Aronec Photography

5th Floor-376 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 2J2

Phone: 1.204.946.0590
Cell: 1.204.771.7506

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Cory Aronec is a Winnipeg-based photographer specializing in architecture, commercial, and executive portraits.  His main objective is to ensure that the quality of his images reflect the standards and values of his client’s organizations and in turn, contribute to their success by providing breathtaking images for their marketing material, websites, magazines, billboards, public relations materials, editorial content or corporate communications.  Cory is well organized and optimizes his time and resources efficiently to meet the same goals of his clients. 

No matter who the client is, Cory interacts naturally with his subjects and engages personalities to reflect the company’s values and capture the perfect moment.  Cory’s use of light, awareness of form and composition results in images that have strong impact and convey the required message.  His extensive experience shooting everything from dogs, to Avocado Oil, to medical laboratories, and most of Manitoba’s Largest Lawyer firms to the Prairie night sky captured in timelapse photography, clearly illustrates his diversity and creativity.

Cory’s Background:
Cory has recently rebranded his company to Cory Aronec Photography from Studio 448, of which he was the sole owner for over 3 years.  He started his career as an apprentice and moved up the ranks until he was manager and finally purchased the company in January of 2009.
Cory’s passion turned to photography after a devastating house fire that destroyed everything but an old 1980 camera. It was at that moment, that he picked it up and began capturing the charred remnants of his family home. He went on to attend the Prairie View School of Photography in 2003 and has never looked back.
Cory’s earlier years as a professional photographer took the traditional route of Weddings and Portraits but he is best known for his Commercial and Executive Headshot work. His understanding of lighting and attention to detail are always evident in his work, whether it’s interiors, architecture, product, or people.